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BUY 1 GET 1 FREE Pull Apart Soft Stuffing for Toys , Cushions , Crafts - 500g

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SKU: PAM-0382A

Size: 500g + 500g FREE
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  • Versatile stuffing for toys, cushions, and crafts
  • Easy to shape and manipulate
  • Safe, hygienic and washable
  • Made from 100% recycled hi-loft polyester
  • Allows for customized texture and density
  • Ample supply with 500g per bag
  • Buy One Get One Free offer for double the value
  • Ideal for creative projects and DIY crafts
  • Perfect for filling toys, cushions and various craft projects

You can now get two 500g bags of stuffing for the price of one! Purchase from this listing and we will send you an extra 500g free of charge!

Enhance your creative projects with our Pull Apart Stuffing for Toys, Cushions & Crafts. With our special Buy One Get One Free offer, you'll receive two bags of this versatile stuffing for the price of one!

This unique stuffing allows you to shape and manipulate it as needed, providing endless possibilities for your crafting endeavours. Each bag weighs 500g, giving you an ample supply to bring your plush toys, cushions, and crafts to life.

NOTE - This is a "pull apart & use" stuffing, which means you may find larger pieces in the bag. This intentional design allows you to easily shape and fluff up the stuffing to suit your specific needs. Unlike traditional toy stuffing, this product is not pre-shredded or as fluffy, allowing you to customise the texture and density of your creations.


SizeAvailable as 500g