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3 Piece Scissors Value Bundle- Janome

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Save up to 25% with this scissor bundle with all of the essential shears you need for your projects! 

    Included in this bundle-

    • Janome 9" Side Bent Dressmaking Scissors- Sewing Wizards
    • Janome 4 1/2" Quality Thread Snips- Sewing Wizards
    • Stork 3.5" Embroidery Scissors

    Janome 9" Side Bent Dressmaking Scissors- Sewing Wizards-
    9" Side bent Dressmaker Scissor with a Micro Serrated Edge. Sewing Wizards are the Fastest selling hard handle scissors collection of them all. Fabulous quality and at the right price for the customer. Sewing Wizards scissors are manufactured from the finest quality stainless steel materials. The blades are precision ground and set for optimum performance.

    Janome 4 1/2" Quality Thread Snips- Sewing Wizards-
    Janome Sewing Wizard Thread Snips are made of the finest stainless steel.
    Comfortable, Lightweight & easy to use
    4.5" (114mm) total length.
    Warning-These snips are very sharp

    Stork 3.5" Embroidery Scissors-
    These stunning Stork Embroidery Scissors will add a glamorous, unique twist to your sewing kit! Where the head and the beak of the stork make up the blades and hinge, the feet make up the handles.

    These are a traditional design of embroidery scissors and will prove a sewing and embroidery essential. This handy tool will be as decorative as it is practical, with a gilt finish design to brighten up these stainless steel embroidery scissors.

    • Size: 9 cm (3.5 inches)
    • Stork design
    • A sewing and embroidery essential!